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Diversifying one’s financial portfolio with investment real estate may be the means to a desired early retirement, a method of ensuring the financial health or the education of your children, or a way to exercise your talent for building wealth and success. However, your financial future can be impeded, or even ruined, by real estate professionals that you employ and entrust to manage your assets.

It is essential to find the RIGHT real estate management company to protect, preserve and grow your important asset and, at the same time, limit your liabilities. Your management company should not just collect the rents and open doors for prospective tenants. Your management company should assist you with both the daily and the long-tem decisions concerning your property. Your management company should regularly and thoroughly inspect your property, not only for patent maintenance issues, but also to detect potential problems which may arise in the future so as to minimize major damage or repair costs.

Your management company should employ staff that is exceptional in the field and exceptional with the administrative duties. Your real estate financial reports should be timely and accurately prepared in accordance with the standards acceptable in the industry. You should be able to easily read and understand your reports and have confidence with the financial data. You should be able to directly communicate with your property manager, at your convenience, either by phone, facsimile, or by e-mail.

Potter McKinney, Inc. is the RIGHT real estate management company. Established in 1996, Potter McKinney, Inc., is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate (CALBRE) as a real estate brokerage corporation. We strictly adhere to the Rules, Regulations and the Canons of Ethics established by the DRE as well as the Business and Professions Codes and Civil Codes of the State of California.